Website Update!

10 Apr 2015

Hey guys! A lot of content was just added to the website. Check it out! View the news post here.

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Bosses Killed

Highmaul:: 1/7 Mythic

Blackrock Foundry:: 9/10 Heroic

Check out our latest kills here.

Nelwood CS needs you!

Enlist today and take the fight to the Iron Horde!

To learn more about us, click here. If you like what you see, take a look at our current recuiting needs and register on the forums. View a sample application, and fill out the application form.

The Foundation of Nelwood Crime Syndicate

NCS started out as a group of eight friends (and family) as Alliance on Whisperwind. We were split between a few different guilds, but lasted from Vanilla through Burning Crusade together. During Wrath of the Lich King, we encountered a few problems with our guilds at the time. We felt that our fellow guild members were not always friendly, raiding progression was rather poor, loot rules weren't always fair, and ultimately, we weren't all in the same guild together. Looking for a fresh start, Balbanes and Balmafula took initiative. After looking at other servers, they decided Horde-side Velen would be a perfect match. Everyone they encountered were friendly, and a smaller community felt more at home...

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